Carrie & David's Seattle Wedding

There's just something about the way Carrie is with David. It's the same something that there is about the way David is with Carrie. It's quiet and calm and something that can't really be put into words. The closest I can come to explaining their love is by describing the moment during their reception when they slipped outside, unnoticed by everyone, into the cool evening and took a moment to themselves. Nobody but the ever watchful photographer knew they were outside, just outside the door, head bents together, voices hushed in whisper, stealing time away from their guests to check in with one another. I don't know what was said but I had to smile as they walked back into the reception, renewed from their very first "family meeting".

Carrie and David, despite the ever present Seattle rain, your wedding day was simply lovely. The amount of love and care that you two surround each other in is so beautiful. Your entire wedding day was filled with so much love and care, your family and friends had nothing but smiles all day long and I think that speaks volumes to how they felt about the two of you getting married and tells of the kind of marriage you will have.

Can I please have your adorable purple shoes!?! 

Carrie and David opted to do photos beforehand. THANK YOU! 

My angle of the "first look"

My assistant Kale's angle

Love the big smiles!

Oh Carrie. You're so beautiful.

Ceremony and reception were at Ray's Boathouse in Ballard. 

Now that's a GORGEOUS bridal party!

Carrie was worried that when she did a serious face, she would just look angry. Ummmm... no! I think she's pulls off the super model look quiet well, don't you think???


My favorite part about the wedding, okay ONE of my favorite parts, was when the best man welcomed the newly married couple to the dance floor... as David and Carrie Kilpatrick-White! When I learned that they BOTH had newly hyphenated last names, I fell in love with Carrie and David all over again. Clearly they are entering into their marriage as equals, as partners, and the fact that they are both taking on each-other's last name just shows exactly how willing they are to take each other in marriage. *sigh*

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Happy one MONTH-iversary. :-) I hope you are enjoying your wedding bliss! XO


  1. What a beautiful wedding! Your description of the couple is lovely. They are definitely madly in love!


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