Brothers, Friends, Cousins, Family | Port Orchard Family Session

Sometimes your family is the people that you get stuck with. And sometimes the people you get stuck with turn out to be your best friends. Sometimes people you aren't related to become family and someone who could be a stranger becomes a brother to you. That's how it is for the Hooser and Recaido boys... each brother is a best friend and each friend is a brother. [Unless they're mad at each other, then they're "SISTERS!" hahaha]

And sometimes cousins that live across the ocean aren't just cousins, but friends as well. 

Did somebody suggest a pyramid?

Of course the nieces get included too! 

They could totally be a band right?!

Sometimes a photo-shoot is more fun then just a photo-shoot. Sometimes, I get to just hang out with people I love and take a few photos! Just another great perk of my amazing job! XO


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