A new idea...

One of the benefits to asking a photographer to babysit is that they sometimes feel the need to practice their craft and decide to use your unsuspecting children as models.

Case in point: I was hanging out with my favorite little twins the other day and just so happened to have my camera on hand... I've been wanting to try and shoot in jpeg instead of RAW, just to compare the quality and edit-ability [I just made that word up I think], so I gave it a go and am surprisingly pleased with the results! [Of course, it's not too hard to take good photos of kids that are this stinkin' cute!]

Waking Up




My favorite <3

Artist at work.

Paper wasn't a good enough canvas I guess. :)

Really, can those kids be any cuter?!!? I don't think so! This little practice session totally has inspire me to try and do more personal family sessions. I love the idea of doing a "Day In the Life Of" photo-shoot, where I can just spend a day with a family and capture them, at home, doing the day-to-day things that they do. Would anyone be interested??? LET ME KNOW! 


  1. love the subjects and the great feel that your photography has given!! Great job!! Friend of the parents.


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