Kelsey & Trevor Are Having a BABY!

If you've been following my blog for a while, or if you know me at all, you know that I believe that we all have a soulmate friend... and mine is Kelsey Lynn.

 And you also know that she found her soulmate love in Trevor Habig. I've taken their photos a few times: see here and here.

And NOW?! They're having a BABY!!!!

Baby Habig, due Janurary 1, 2012

Now that they have a "bun in the oven" you can bet that I will be taking a lot more pictures of them [okay, let's be honest, mostly of Kelsey and her belly]... and a LOT of pictures of their BABY!

 Having a friend as a photographer means she makes you take photos so you have a cute one to use when you announce your pregnancy... you know, on facebook! :-)
Shout out to my sister for letting us use her awesome green wall in her dining room! 

Kelsey and Trevor, there are no words to describe the joy I feel in my heart when I think of the two of you as parents. I can't wait to see you holding your little one and becoming the people that God has planned you to be. I am so BEYOND excited to meet my niece or nephew!!!! XOXOXO


  1. and there are a couple of grandmas who will be excited about the pictures you take of this little one! :) Love the "announcement" pics Bethany!


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