Kale & Natalya | Portland Engagement Session

They live in Durham, North Carolina where it hasn't been under 80 degrees since April, the heat is humid; there's bugs everywhere and poisonous snakes are a serious concern. They cheer for Duke, listen to country music, and even do things like "flounder gigging". But Oregon is still their home. Kael and Natalya grew up in Oregon and that's where they're getting married next summer so when they came home for a couple of weeks, it was only right that their engagement session was also in Oregon. And what better place to capture that Oregonian spirit then doing our shoot at coffee shop in the Pearl District, wandering through the Saturday Market, and surrounded by trees in Washington Park!

First stop, coffee. 

This one is pretty much my favorite. 

This one too. LOVE!

oh okay, this one is also a favorite

No, actually THIS one is my favorite. Just look at Natalya working it!

This steamy kiss in the middle of the Saturday Market earned them a few looks!

Had to have the Portland, Oregon sign!

Kael and Natalya, you two are just too freaking adorable! To be as in love as you guys are and as excited for marriage, after already being together for EIGHT years... it's a beautiful thing and I am honored to be the one you chose to document that love. Even though your wedding is still a year away, I'm counting down the days with you! 


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