Corey & Danica | Portland Family Portraits

Danica had been talking to me about doing a family photo session for a while now... but every time we made tentative plans, it just never really worked out, for some reason or another. Even this time, Danica had reservations about going through with the session; she mentioned something about Tabor needing a haircut and whatnot. It was either my persuasive nature or their desperation to just get it done, but we were able to meet up at the Kennedy School for an early morning session amongst the awesome landscaping... and really, if you just look at these photos, Danica, you had NOTHING to worry about.

You can't tell me I'm wrong, this family is ADORABLE!

Tabor, checking out how gorgeous his mama is. 

Such a good looking group!

Oh Tabor.

He's SO big!!!

This picture was taken while I was holding Tabor so I think he gets photo credit. :)

I could have taken pictures of handsome little Tabor all day long. The blonde hair! The gummy grin! Those puppy dogs eye! It makes my job soooooo easy and SO much fun! Corey and Danica, you two are so adorable and you make a really good looking baby! I hope that we have many more photo-shoots! [hint hint] :-D


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