Random Monday

A few random thoughts floating around inside my head...

I can't be mad it's Monday when I tried on my skinniest pair of jeans this morning... and they FIT! [again] I'm not talking about the style of skinny jeans either, I'm talking about the fact that I no longer need my fat jeans! Holla.

I have the upmost respect and admiration for foster parents and I hope to be in the position where I can be a foster parent someday. To take a child into your home, your life, your family, and your heart during a time when a child needs it the most, is one of the greatest gifts I've ever seen given. A lot of people say, "Oh, I could never do that, it would be to hard." I can understand the sentiment, but for me, I don't see how anyone could NOT do it. Yes, it's hard when you have to say goodbye to that child, but how amazing is it that you have given their parents a chance to become better parents so that they are more capable of taking care of their children! To love, care, and protect a child when their own parents cannot? I don't think there could be a more nobel calling. 

There's no denying that I'm a bookworm. If I could, I would gladly spend an entire day with only a book for company.

Just.Get.Me.To.Cow.Camp! I need the buzz of mosquitoes in my ear, the smell of campfire on my clothes, absolutely nothing to do but swim, eat, and smile, and to be surrounded by my crazy family. The last week of July can NOT come fast enough.

Sometimes you just have to say "no". It's not selfishness, it's self-preservation.

Random compliments from blog readers and facebook followers really do make my day! There's nothing better then a complete stranger saying that they love my work! I hope I never let them down. :-) THANK YOU! For reading, for watching, for encouraging, for inspiring. 

I am stronger then I thought.

I really love meeting. And Gospel Meeting. And the workers. And the work being done in my heart. It's amazing that these things make me happy. I hope you know what I mean. 

Running. I actually want to go running. I feel like I need to go running. Weird.

Josh's open house in on Friday. He asked me to help plan it. So of course I'm stressing out. Here's hoping that it turns out okay!

My car needs the 60,000 mile maintenance done. And new tires. That's really expensive and I do not want to pay for it. But at the same time, I don't want my car to explode... so I better get it done. Bleh.

I love my boyfriend. He is amazing and I am a better person because of him. <3

I'm hoping this fortune cookie is right: 

I wasn't feeling very good this last weekend. On Saturday I felt like a zombie and could barely function. I ended up going to bed at 6pm. I guess I needed the sleep! But for some reason I'm still super tired.... Maybe it's just a case of the Mondays? But that can't be because I'm wearing my skinny jeans! :-D hehee Happy Monday y'all! XO


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