Kim & John | Portland Engagement Session

Kim loves John. And John loves Kim. Clearly. They've been together over 4 years so you know their love is solid... through up and downs, through long-distance, through grad school and moves, their love is the constant. And so beautiful: 

When we started the session, we were all a little stressed from driving through Portland's Rose Festival traffic and just a little bit sweaty from Oregon's surprise 80 degree weather. Luckily, Kim and John were cool under pressure, changing our planned Pearl District shoot to Washington Park and rocking out ALL their photos! I was very impressed. 

I've never had so many SOCC images that I didn't need to edit! 

the traditional engagement shot 

just to prove how much fun we were having 

John and Kim, you guys are amazing! Your relationship is truly a lesson in patience for me and I so admire you guys for taking your time, getting you business done, and making sure that you are ready for marriage. I had so much fun with you and can NOT wait for your wedding! 


  1. I love them love them love them, Bethany!


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