I Got the BEST Friends.

A couple weekends ago I received the most lovely gift from my longtime best friends, Kelsey and Nicole, in honor of my baptism. It is a NIV Bible, in the softest pink and brown Italian leather, embossed with my name on the front cover. I am so touched by their thoughtfulness and am thrilled at the present for many reasons... the main one being that my very first "real" Bible, from my parents, when I was a child also had my name on it [I still have it but don't use it because it's falling apart at the seams] and have always wanted another Bible like that. Kelsey and Nicole had no idea about that but it really just made their present all the more perfect!

Thank you SO much Ladies! I am so incredibly blessed to have such amazing, caring friends in my life and your friendship over the years has helped me more then you could ever know. I love you! XO


  1. Um....Look at me!!!! Hehe I'm a follower! I didn't realize I could just use my gmail account. Ahhhh Now I can legit follow all the time!!!!!


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