Don't call it a housewarming party...

On Friday, the boyfriend hosted an open house "carnival" at his new digs, for everyone from our field [church].

the ringmaster

And I'm going to go ahead and call it a resounding success! Josh had put me in charge of planning it, since he didn't really have the time [or imagination] to do much, and I gladly excepted the task. :-D With a LOT of help of his amazing brothers, sisters, and nieces, as well as a few panicked phone calls to my sister [the ultimate party planner], we ended up with pretty much the best open house... evah. ;-)

 Everyone who came had a great time, ate some good food, and felt at home... which is exactly the kind of house Josh has been saying he wants to have. And everyone was still talking about the party on Sunday... which is exactly the kind of party I want to be known for throwing! hahaha 

 Here's a few snapshots from the festivities...
The circus tent entrance

rainbow fruit kabobs

The cardboard "R" I made by hand... so stoked with how it turned out!

Lollipops and popcorn. [Handmade flag banner!]

Cold Drinks

The GUEST BOOK [a $10 Walmart wedding guestbook that I customized with fabric!]

Josh's 2 older nieces made the most delicious cupcakes!!!

The 3 younger nieces looking adorable and festive! <3

In all serious though, it was truly amazing to see my boyfriend so easily step into his new role as "man of the house". I am so excited to be witness to this empty house he bought becoming a home filled with family and friends, love and laughter; a place where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable, a place where they want to be, and a place where it is good for them to be. 

Joshua, I am so amazed by you and so incredibly proud of you and the beautiful home you are creating. Keep up the good work Baby, I love you! XO


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