By Book or by Nook

I'm a bookworm. I've always been a bookworm. When I was in 4th grade, I discovered that if you went to the school library after school you were allowed to check out more then just 2 books and you could go any day, not just on library day! That's why I won the award for most books checked out in a school year. I also won it the next year too. I checked out hundreds of books, devouring them with an endless enthusiasm; Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, Hardy Boys... anything and everything. My love for books continued as I grew older so everywhere I moved to, I acquired a new library card. Novels, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, mysteries, fantasy; it didn't matter, if it was well-written, I would read it.

Sadly though, these last couple of years, it seem like I have only read a handful of books. I know it's cliche, but it's the truth when I say that I simply have not had the time to read. I've lived up in Washington for well over a year now and still don't have a library card. And I live just down the street from the library. How sad is that?! Really, I'm embarrassed. So last time I was in Oregon I borrowed a large stack of book from my grandparent's home [Grammy, your "library" is still in full service :-D ] and have managed to read 3.5 out of the 12... and it's been about 4 months since I borrowed them. WHAT! I used to read 3 books a week! Even though I have been craving reading, I still haven't managed to make the time for it.

Then, for our anniversary, Josh bought me the Nook. It was totally unexpected and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the little electronic reader. I mean really, half of the joy of reading is the weight of the book in your hands, the swish of the pages as you turn them. Surely there was no way that this lightweight toy could compare.

But then, I downloaded "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins and started reading... and can.not.stop.

Maybe it's because the book is SO good, maybe it's because I'm that starved for alone time, maybe it's because I'm just desperate to stop thinking so much... whatever it is, it feels like I'm rediscovering my first love. I've fallen back into late nights with my sheets pulled up, book nook just a few inches from my face, getting up early and reaching for the nook before I'm even fully awake, pulling it out at every spare moment just to read a meager few pages more. And then when I'm not reading, my thoughts keep returning to the story, wondering about the characters, trying to guess what it's all leading up to.

Already, I'm looking forward to downloading more books and stealing more time away for myself and my nook to get to know each other better. I'm still trying to figure out the most comfortable way to hold it and I can't decided if I like using the button to change the page or if the finger swipe is best. Either way, I'm so happy with my nook and for it's help with getting my to the books and rediscovering my inner bookworm.

And of course, a huge THANK YOU to my love for such a thoughtful present. I love you Sweetie! 


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