Bradley & Esther | Belfair Portrait Session

Meet Bradley and Esther. These two have easily become two of my favorite people up here in Washington. [You might recognize Esther from the yoga shoot I did last year.] They're pretty easy people to like and want to be around, I mean come on! Just LOOK at how happy they are! 

Esther is so sweet and kind and Bradley is... sarcastic. But also kind! :-) I get along with Bradley like a brother, I think it's because my real brother's name is in fact "Bradley"! And I'm also really sarcastic. In fact, I'm sure it was me, not Brad, who said something funny for this picture: 

No, okay, it was probably Bradley. I had told him to whisper sweet nothings in Esther's ear and I think he might have said something inappropriate. I didn't hear it though and I don't mind because I love the LOL'ing pictures! :-)

Despite all the laughter, they were also able to rock out some serious supermodel photos. 

Theler Wetland Trail in Belfair made an awesome setting. 

Esther clearly brought her A game! Gorgeous much? 

Okay, fine Brad! You're not horrible looking either. 

Aren't they both just ridiculously photogenic? 

I just adore how Brad is always making Esther laugh. I'm sure he was probably saying something mildly inappropriate most of the time, but still, it made for great photos and such a fun session! :-) Brad and Esther, I love you guys! Please feel free to ask me to take photos ANYTIME! 


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