The Big 3-Oh!

My big sister, Mari, turned 30-years-old today. Three - zero. THIRTY. 

Can you believe it?!!!

I can't. I just simply can NOT believe it. 

My sister, the one who was 10 and wore her hair in a side pony-tail, with her too-big t-shirt tied up with a bright hair scrunchie, so 80's and infinitely cool to her baby sister. The one that Mom and I dropped off at Renne Middle School for her first day of 6th grade and got to go to the exotic land of "home room". The one who stood and made her choice at Boring, Oregon convention and somehow made our entire family cry. [I just couldn't comprehend what was happening, being that I think I was only 6 or so.] The one who turned 16 just yesterday and came home from her driver's test behind the wheel of Dad's Jeep, seeming so incredibly grown up. The one who got All-State MVP for water polo her JUNIOR year of high-school. And then her senior year as well. Naturally. The one who got to wear the most beautiful dress and go to prom with her *giggle* boyfriend, just like in the movies! And it feels like it was just a moment ago that she was packing up her futon and heading to Los Angeles for COLLEGE. And then I got to go spend every spring break of my high-school years with her in LA and marveled at this whole new and exciting life she had, so foreign and thrilling to small-town me. And now... she's 30.

It's amazing to me how time relentlessly marches on. When we were young, 30 seemed so far away; surely we would never be that old. But now, I have to say, if being 30-year-old means being more like my sister, I am looking forward to it. She is so excited for what her thirties will hold for her: personally, in her home-life, and career-wise. I am so beyond proud of her and all that she has accomplished and am endlessly grateful for the amazing example she has set for me and the constant encouragement and support that she provides.

Mari, at her masquerade birthday soiree yesterday! 

Happy Birthday Sis! 
Welcome to your thirties, I'm so excited to see all that life has for you these next few years! XO, me


  1. This is beautiful and totally made me laugh and tear up. Oh, that scrunchied side ponytail. :) You both are pretty awesome.

  2. so... after I read this, my allergies all acted up, red eyes and running nose.

    Never know what life will throw your way, but so wonderful when you can live thankful.

  3. Love you sis! I hope I never let you down!


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