Weekend Update

So I spent my weekend strolling down memory lane. Mom is moving at the end of the month and she asked us kids to spend a day sorting through all the boxes of our junk stuff that had accumulated in her closets over the years. I, unfortunately, had the most of stuff since I was the only one who had lived in the house with Mom, I still had my own room... filled with stuff. So when I say that I spent the weekend strolling down memory lane, what I mean is that I spent the entire weekend shouting, "Oh man, remember THIS?!" and "LOOK at how CUTE I was!" as I shoved picture after picture in front of my mom's face and squealed with delight as long-lost treasures resurfaced [like my CD collection from middle and high school!]. I think she might have regretted asking me to help because I was spending much more time reminiscing then sorting. Like when I found a box of my old journals? Oh man, it was over... I couldn't put them down. I had journals from 1993, when I was SEVEN! And then there were my pictures from my Japan trip in 7th grade and the D.C. trip in 8th grade I had almost forgotten about. Being surrounded by all those captured memories, written and photographed, it was nirvana. And once again it reaffirms my absolute belief in the importance of photographs.

You should have seen the smile on my mom's face when she found a photo of Grammy and Papa together, it was equal to a winning lottery ticket. And I can't even begin to describe how I felt when I pulled out my parent's wedding photos...

It's worth it; even if you don't have a "good" camera, even if you don't like having your picture taken... just take pictures! It's so worth it all those years later when you come across the faded image and feel your heart swell as you remember the exact moment that the picture was taken. It's priceless, there's simply no other way to describe it.


  1. which picture of mom and dad did you find? do I need a digital copy of it? probably! yes, I would say that I do. :)


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