A Very Special Mother's Day Present

I don't usually blog on Sundays but this is a special occasion: Mother's Day. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend's 10[soon to be 11]-year-old niece, Kiana, contacted me about doing a photoshoot of her and her two younger sisters, Mikela and Malia, as a surprise present for their mom for Mother's Day! [You might remember them from there school picture session last year.] I, of course, adored the idea! I loved that Kiana thought of it on her own and covertly e-mailed and texted me to coordinate the whole thing [with her dad's permission of course]. Once a time and a place were decided, I asked her mom, DoRe', if it would be okay if Josh and I took the girls out for a date on Saturday. No problem. That in itself was our Mother's Day present to DoRe'! ;-) I also asked Kiana if she would be interested in doing a guest blog post to accompany their photos. Because while I could do a post about how much I admire and respect DoRe' as a mother, (I mean come on! She's a total super-mom; she home-schools all 3 girls, chauffeurs them around to gymnastics, piano lessons, voice lessons, horse camp, ice-skating and gets them to meeting every Sunday and Wednesday... along with a million other things. Plus her girls have the BEST manners, they are true little ladies), I thought it would be more meaningful for Kiana to write about what her mother means to her. So, without further adue, here are my photos of three lovely girls who are so precious to me, accompanied by Kiana's Mother's Day post:

To Mom:

On mothers day, you think about all those times Mom helped and loved you. As a crying 1-year old, she stayed up till 1 am trying to calm you down. As a little 4-year old, she took time out of her busy day to come play dress-up or pirates with you. As a 6/7/8 year old, she taught you your manners and responsibilities. And as a tween/teen, she still loved you after you rolled your eyes at her.

Moms are important.

All those times you asked "BUT WHY CANT I JUMP OFF THE ROOF, MOMMY?" or, "Mom, that's SO unfair! Why can't I go to Sarah's party? Everybody is going to be there!" and she responded with, "Because I said so," it probably seemed unreasonable and unfair. But if you look back at it, there was a reason. Do you think a four year old would care if his Mom said it was dangerous to jump the roof? Not likely. :)

Seriously, DoRe' and Dan... your girls are so absolutely lovely! 

Here's a poem.

Mom is always there to guide me
(No matter where)
To wipe my tears away
(As she runs her fingers through my hair)
Mom teaches me everything I know
(From division to being fair)
When I'm sad she cheers me up
(From being teased to being teared :))
She tries her best to let me decide what I want to do.
(She wants me to have a good future-she cares)
So-thank you, mom.

Love, Kiana

Happy Mother's Day DoRe'! And to all you moms out there, much love and appreciation for all that you do.

And of course to my mother (who met Kiana, Miki, and Malia a couple of weeks ago and who the girls all said "Bethany, your mom is SO nice!" and I totally agree)... I LOVE YOU MOM! XO


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