To Do:

This blog is from last week... for some reason Blogger decided to delete my last few posts. Might be time to change blog hosts... hmmmmm.

Lately it seems that I have been making one "To Do" list after another... partly because I LOVE lists and LOVE crossing things off of lists [so I put every little thing on a list just so I can have the pleasure of crossing it off]  and partly because there is just SO much to do! Seriously, what happened to all those days of my youth when I complained about being "bored"?! I can't even remember the last time I used that word! Right now I feel like my lists are duplicating like rabbits! With summer coming, Josh buying a house [have I mentioned that my boyfriend is BUYING A HOUSE?], wedding season in full swing, and just life in general, there is definitely NOT a shortage of things to do.

Which is why the Wunderlist app on my iPhone is freaking awesome! I highly recommend it for anyone who has a smartphone and a lot to do... and loves lists as much a me!


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