Things I Heart

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Pinatas, tamales, and margaritas for everyone! (Please make mine non-alcoholic.) It's also Thursday, which means I'm sharing a few of my most recent favorites things.

My new scarf from World Market! I got a gift card from my boyfriend's sister's family for my birthday and finally got around to spending it! And I just adore the nautical theme scarf... Josh was actually the one that picked it out. Yeah, my guy has good taste.

Furniture Shopping! Josh is all grown up and buying a house! And although it still weirds me out just a little bit that I'm dating someone who is old enough and mature enough and financially responsible enough to BUY.A.HOUSE... it's been fun to browse through the furniture stores and act like the grownups that we don't know we are.
No, he was not actually interested in buying this chair. :-)

Springtime. Yesterday it was finally warm enough that I took a blanket and my book outside to soak up some vintamin D. I ended up falling asleep and got an awesome sunburn on my pasty winter-white skin. It was awesome.

The fact that this is my 222nd blogpost! Holler.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Have some nachos and take lots of pictures, whatever you're doing! XO


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