Tonight is date for me and my man! WHOOOO-HOOOO! I'm so excited! It's been a while since we've had an actual-for-real-get-dressed-up-and-go-out-on-the-town-date! [Clearly I need to get out more.] It's a triple date with some of Josh's buddies, and their better halves, from work and we're going to see Teatro ZinZanni, a circus-like dinner show in Seattle! I am very, VERY excited. I'm not even all that concerned about the show or food be all that amzing [though it should be!], I just want to get out! :-)

So real quick, I just had to post these before and after photos from me getting ready. I am posting them not because they are good pictures, [because iphone pictures shot in my mirror in my ridiculously messy room, are NOT good pictures], but I am posting them as proof that all it takes is the right clothes, a little hair product, and a couple extra minutes of effort, to make anyone, including me, slightly presentable.

THE BEFORE: No shower, hair thrown up into a french braid, glasses, absolutely no makeup, sweatshirt, jeans, and Ugg boots. This is a typical outfit for me when all I'm doing is working on the computer (or babysitting like I did this morning). It's okay, you can shake your head in shame, I know I'm disgracing my FIDM education.

THE AFTER: Shower, smoothing serum in hair, blow dried then straightend with flat iron, a little mascara, cute yellow dress, black cardigan [because Washington refuses to be sunny more then one day at a time], black tights, and black ankle boots. BAM. 110% times better then before right? Even if I do look like some kind of modern interpretation of a bumble bee. Let's just all be thankful I'm not wearing anything striped! ;-)

Anyway, no matter your opinion of my outfit choices, the point is: with a little effort, you can look better. And the reason that I'm bringing this up on my photography blog, is that if you're paying good money to have a photoshoot, do your best to look your best! So many people hide from the camera because they claim to be completely un-photogenic; but if I wore my first outfit all the time, I would hate all pictures of me too! Boyfriend's sweatshirts don't do anyone any favors, trust me ladies. So wear clothes that fit you properly, clothes that give you confidence, take the time to do your hair, and SMILE. [and hire me of course! :-D]

Then suddenly, you might just start liking a few of the photos of yourself.

Have a good weekend everyone! XO


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