Of the Importance of Photographers

Friday night... or should I say in the wee early mornings of Saturday... was the ROYAL WEDDING. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I was up at 1am, watching it online, eating Red Vines like I was at the movies! Because really, what is an extravagant affair if not entertainment?

Overall, I have to admit that it wasn't the best wedding that I've ever "attended" but it was pretty darn amazing. I loved the Britishness of it all (naturally); the dashing gentlemen in top hats and morning coats (right!? oh was that just David Beckham? I guess he's the only one I noticed hahaha) and the lovely ladies in their incredible hats! Oh the hats! Or excuse me, the fascinators! And Kate's dress? It was beyond beautiful. It honestly took my breathe away. And then Prince William in the uniform? Come on! And when they met at the alter and he told her "You look so beautiful".... it was a fairy tale moment. Yes, I totally teared up.

But my favorite part of the whole entire wedding? The moment when the camera were trained on the Goring Hotel door of where Kate had gotten ready at. Her car was pulled as closely as possible to the door and a special awning had been built as to protect onlookers from seeing Kate until she was in the car on her way to the abbey. Right before you see the flash of white as Kate dives into the car... you see a lady in a blue dress rush out come out in a hurry, backwards, dodging quickly around the vintage car... camera in hand. The photographer. I didn't cheer when Will and Kate said their vows, when the ring was placed on her finger, when they left the church or when they kissed... but when I saw the wedding photographer (one of the assistants actually)... I was giddy with excitement... and yes, I cheered!

(there she is! the blurry image in front of the car!)

It was actually the ONLY time I saw a photographer for the entire 5 hours that I watched so kudos to the photography team for staying so incognito. But I just love that even before I saw the bride, I saw the photographer.

It reminded me about the National Geographic documentary I watched called The President's Photographer about President Obama's personal photographer. I found it absolutely incredible when they said that the President is always the first one off of Air Force One... except for his photographer who is actually always the first one off so that he can photograph the president. The photographer leads the president. How BA is that?! It's because while Obama is creating history, the photographer is documenting history. Just like the photographers at the royal wedding, all photographers are not just photographers, but they are historians. We are in charge of capturing the moments that future generations will hold onto and study for years to come. Photographers have the profound responsibility of going through everything that everyone goes through, but with a camera. They view the world through the lens and capture on film the moments that we are all capturing in our hearts. If you read through this article, you'll be surprised by how many images are instantly recognizable, and not just by you but by everyone around the world. Now THAT is the power of photographs... and the importance of photographers.


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