It's THIS kind of day today...

****BEEEEEEEEP**** "Hi, you've reached Bethany Raelene, photographer extraordinaire. Sorry I'm not available to answer you call, I'm outside enjoying the amazing weather that the lovely state of Washington has FINALLY decided to provide today. I got shorts and sunglasses on and am soaking up all the Vitamin D that I possible can and I'm not worrying about the wrinkles it might one day cause! I'm heading to the park with my love and my longboard and that's all I need today.  I'll try my best to return your call... eventually. Maybe once the sun goes down. Tomorrow. Until then, get outside and enjoy this glorious day. And as always, don't forget your camera.  MUWAH!" ****BEEEEEP****


  1. Love it!!! Montana has finally got a dose of Spring as well and I can't stop smiling in the sunshine. :)

  2. could you put something like that on my phone? I love it... I guess I actually could do something like that. Hope you had a great day!


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