A Happy Birthday Post

So this post was meant to be on Thursday May 12th, but Blogger was down all day and then I was away from the internet all weekend so here it is... much delayed.

Hau'oli lā hānau to one of my favorite Hawaiians, Kiana! 

The boyfriend's niece, Kiana, is 11-years-old today and she is pretty much the most beautiful, talented, and all around awesomest 11-year-olds that I know. ["Awesomest" is totally a word, right?] But seriously, this girl can sing like nobody's business, she teaches herself to play the piano, she bakes the most delicious brownies, is ridiculously smart, and a "sport girl" on top of it all! 

Kiana is also a budding photographer and I like to think of her as my little protégé. :-) She has a great eye for photography and I love watching her with a camera, she has all the right moves. I see the way she studies a scene and decides what it is she wants to capture from it. She moves around to get the best angle, she squats down or stand on her tiptoes to get the shot she wants, she's not afraid of close up shots and knows how to frame a shot for an interesting photograph. I'm sure that the more time Kiana spends with her new camera, the better she will get! I bests be keeping on my toes or else she'll start stealing all my jobs! ;-)

One of the things that I love most about Kiana, is that she is an incredible big sister to Mikela and Malia. And since I myself am a little sister and know how imperative it is to have a good big sister  in life, I really appreciate the way that Kiana watches out for her little sisters, the way she cares for them and protects them, the way she does her best not to roll her eyes too much when they get on her nerves. ;-) As far as big sisters go, I think Miki and Malia definitely lucked out when they got Kiana.

Nanz, I hope you have an awesome birthday in Hawaii! [How could you not, after all, you are in Hawaii!] Since I couldn't be there to help you celebrate, I hope this blog post can act as a birthday card for you... I figured it was fitting since you're my most loyal blog-reader. :-) I just want you to know how much I love hanging out with you, being in meeting with you, learning from you, and watching you grow into a lovely young lady.  Love you and can't wait for you to get back so I can see all the photos you're taking! :-) 

Love, Bethany 


  1. Sweet post; I'm not sure she's seen it yet! (For some reason, being on the computer was kind of low priority while we were in Hawaii... ;-9) I'll have her look at it when she gets up...

  2. Happy birthday dear cute girl...
    I love the birthday that have some specific theme...
    i love kids parties Miami


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