Another reason why my boyfriend is so incredible:

You guys. GUESS WHAT. Josh bought a house. A HOUSE. All by himself. There was no co-signer, nobody to walk him through the steps, nobody to hold his hand. [Which are all things I would need if I were to buy a house.] No, he did it. He found his realtor [who is totally awesome btw], he made the decision, he went to the bank, he navigated all the loans and whatnot, he read ALL the paperwork; he did everything.

And I am simply in awe of him. 

It has really shown me just exactly how mature, responsible, and... adult Josh is, despite all the video game playing. ;-) It's pretty darn impressive and makes all the more thankful that he's mine. This whole buying a house thing is so scary to me and I know that I would never take on something that big on my own. Which makes it even more amazing to me that at 25-years-old, Josh has the financial maturity and ability, as well as the desire to, take on this kind of responsibility and commitment. I just can't wrap my mind around it. He's BUYING A HOUSE! He gets the keys today. TODAY.

I am so SO proud of him.


  1. Wow congratulations to him! Buying a home is such a huge deal and so not easy. Especially when doing it alone. It's so cool that he was able to do that.


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