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Whoa. It's Thursday and I haven't blogged this week? Ooops.

So last Sunday I had a maternity photoshoot in Oregon and I took the opportunity to try out a lens rental company that I had been hearing about on Twitter and Facebook, When I first checked out their website, I was impressed with the wide range of selection that they had. There was lenses for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. There was lighting equipment, camera bodies, and so many accessories! It's amazing. But I was so leery of renting something without being able to see it first. But I had only heard good things about so I thought if I ever want to try out new lenses, it's better to try it out on a smaller shoot so I can get a feel for it before a wedding.

I've had my eye on a wide lens... as much as I adore my 55mm 1.4, I really wanted a wider angle so allow me to take in more of the environment in photos. So I hopped online and ordered the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 so I could have a range to try out before I even begin to think about buying another fixed lens. I placed my order about 2 weeks beforehand, scheduling it to be delivered on Friday so that I would have the whole weekend to shoot with it. Sure enough, it was delivered on Friday morning, via FedEx.

I was so busy that I didn't get much use of it on Saturday... just a few shots of my sister working on my [ahem] birthday present. :-)

But then on Sunday I had an awesome photoshoot with a ridiculously cute expecting couple and really got to put the lens to work! [pictures coming soon!] Then come Monday morning, I placed the lens back in the box it was sent, taped it up and slapped the return label, that they provided, right on it. I dropped it off at a FedEx on my way out of Portland and got a confirmation e-mail from yesterday saying that they received my rental back in excellent condition! BAM. It was as easy as that.

In summery? I heart I can't wait to try out some more lenses!!!

Interested in trying them out? YOU SHOULD! Click this link:
lens rental


  1. what a great concept. I may even want to try it out before I spend a lot of money on any more lenses. I want a wide angle and really good zoom. I guess I really need to learn my camera first though ;)


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