Pineapple and Pomegranates

Two years ago I inexplicably became allergic to pineapple. And now, much to my dismay, it seems that I am also allergic to most, if not all, tropical and citrus fruits. Like pomegranates? I didn't think they would fall into the citrus fruit category but apparently drinking just one Pom Tea is enough to cause my tongue to swell to twice it's size, covered in a weird looking whiteness, while my throat simultaneously began to slowly close up. No hospitals were necessary though, luckily just two Benadryl (which totally made me feel like my head was floating in a balloon above my body), LOTS of water, and waking up every couple of hours to make sure that I could still breathe was enough to keep me alive. Now, I think I need to try and do that elimination diet and figure out exactly which fruits that I am actually allergic to... so you know, I don't accidently eat something and go into ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK AND DIE.


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