Yesterday I was looking through my iPhone photos, as I often do, and I was struck by these two photos from my 7:00 2011 project:



Now I know these aren't "high-qualtity", "well-executed" or "GOOD" photos by any means... but they're my favorite photos right now. "Why?!" you ask, criticizing in a snooty photographer's voice, "They're grainy, and the subjects aren't balanced or placed properly. Half your face is gone in the first one, his head is chopped off in the second one! You don't even look cute for crying-out-loud! Such horrible lighting! Such poor composition! No eye for detail! What a ridiculous setting!"


If you know me at all, you KNOW that's NOT why I love these photos.

I love these two photos, these two simple, poor quality iPhone snapshots, because they are so indicative of my relationship with Joshua...

Some days he leans on me...
Some days I lean on him...
But no matter what...
We are always there for each other.



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