Lines of happiness and hearts all around.

The best part about goodbyes? When you get to say hello again.

I have had to say goodbye to my love more times then I can even count. With both of our jobs, our love of travel plus we both have family in different states, it seems like Josh and I are constantly in a state of hello/goodbye. And saying goodbye has never gotten easy (and really, I don't think that it ever should). And being apart gets hard, frustrating, difficult, lonely, and well... annoying. But the instant I see him again, the pain and frustration of being apart disappears and is instantly replaced with an overwhelming sense of happiness that BURSTS from my heart, as it cannot be contained. If I were a cartoon, I would have lines of happiness shooting out from me and tons of multi-sized hearts swirling all around.

This time, though... this time Josh was gone for over a month. And this time, I wasn't in Europe or Texas or Peru or anywhere but the place where Josh used to be, waiting for him to get back. So this time, it was just a little bit harder. Especially around week three. But from the moment that Josh told me that he was coming home on Thursday (a whole day early!), I could. NOT. stop. smiling. I couldn't sleep I was so excited. I kept driving by where I was supposed to turn in the days leading up to his return, I just couldn't concentrate on anything. Wednesday night at Gospel meeting, I could barely sit still knowing I would see my love in less then 24-hours! I could definitely relate to Andy's message about enduring to the end... probably not the way he intended it to be taken though! :-D It's not my fault though, I justcouldn'tfocusbecauseiwasjusttoodarnexcited!!!!

And then... standing there at the top of the escalator, stomach all aflutter, when I saw him turn the corner... the month apart just evaporated and suddenly it was lines of happiness and multi-sized hearts swirling all around. He couldn't get up the escalator and into my arms fast enough.

Welcome home Baby! We made it! imissedyousofreakingmuch.

aaaaaaaah, it's good to be home.


  1. We had fun at kings wok tonight! Love you guys!


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