Green Like Me

When I was young, I didn't dream about Prince Charming riding in on a white horse, calling me a princess and slaying a dragon to win my heart. No, I dreamt about an Irish lad with a thick brogue who would call me "lassie" and steal a leprechaun's gold for me. I always, always wanted to go to Ireland because I was so sure that there in the Emerald Isle is where I would find my true love, just like an Irish lullaby. I eventually made my way to the land of my childhood imagination, but those poor Irish lads didn't hold any appeal anymore because I had already fallen in love... with a Hawaiian. Which is slightly ironic because the Hawaiian is actually more Irish then me! It turns out that his great-grandfather was an Irish immigrant to Hawaii! WHAT?! Yes, that's right, my Pidgin speakin', slippa wearin', Spam eatin' boyfriend is only two generations removed from having an Irish accent. I guess I got my Irishman after all!

It's funny how dreams have a way of come true... one way or another. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


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