Around Town | Bremerton Anytime Portraits

Be warned: If you are my friend, I will probably ask to take pictures of you. Because I need to practice. Some people think it's a bonus of being my friend... some people think it's a burden... but they're usually just the camera shy ones and I break them of that soon enough. :-D My latest victims models...

These are my homies Felicia, Kiefer, and Noah. And yes, I hang out with teenagers. Don't judge! I'm just a kid at heart and keep forgetting that I'm almost 25... so yeah, they're all at least 6 years younger then me. Which might explain why they're so cool and I'm all awkward... (pictures with me in them are taken by Miss Felicia). Oh and Mana joined us for a few photos in my rigged studio at the boys' apartment. Holla.

I love this photo of my "Bremerton ohana" because you can see the spot where Josh should be... right there in the center. :-D

Thanks for playing model for me guys! Love you all!!! XO


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