Weekend Update

Happy President's Day y'all! (Or at least it was when I started writing this post... haha) I hope everyone is having (or had) as good of weekend as I am!

I spent the weekend in Oregon...

Friday was a retirement party for my best friend's dad. He's worked at the post office for over 30 years! Now that's commitment. I took a quick Csergei family photo and got to catch up with some of my favorite people. It was a good night!
More photos coming soon!

I love when I get to see Nicole and Kelsey. Photo credit to Trevor, Kelsey's husband. :)

On Saturday I had a family photo session with an awesome family in Newberg! Lucky me, it wasn't raining or snowing! Just really windy but that's okay! It was a great session and I love how the photos turned out... you'll see them later. :-)

Also on Saturday, my brother flew in from Peru! YAY! Nothing makes my heart happier then spending time with my siblings.

It was such a good weekend and I was bummed to leave... thankfully, Brad will be back in Oregon at the beginning of March so I'm looking forward to seeing him then. For now, it's back to Washington and back to work. I'll leave you with this bumper sticker that I saw on the drive home... it's probably the best sticker I've ever seen.


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