Things I Heart

So... if my relationship were to be sponsored, it would be brought to you by Apple. Every time one of us is traveling, we keep our sanity with the help of our trusty iPhone 4s and their handy FaceTime feature.
Screenshot from my phone. Me in WA, Josh in NH

And to be fair, I have to give a shout out to Skype, which we relied upon before we upgraded our phones, and still use whenever possible.
(sorry these aren't the best photos of you Babe, but I like them. :-D )

And since both things require the wonderful invention of the internet, I guess our relationship's primary sponsor would be... THE INTERNET! So to Apple, Skype, and the Internet, I would send you flowers if I could but I can't so please just accept my humbly blogged THANKS! for all you've done to keep my relationship going strong... twenty months and counting! :-D


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