My 25th Birthday Wish List

If there's one thing that I believe in, it's lists. Especially WISH LISTS! In honor of my upcoming birthday [March 22nd, in case you were wondering], I have compiled a short list of things I would not be upset to get as birthday presents:

~This adorable dog! [Not at all realistic, please only get me a dog if you plan on helping with the expenses that come with! hehee ]

~I would LOVe to have some of these Vibram Five Finger shoes for yoga and running! It's the birthday present that keeps on giving and helps to ensure I have many more birthdays by keeping me healthy.

~Since I'm all in to yoga now, you know I could use some yoga clothes!

~Roundtrip ticket to New Orleans! Specifically for the last weekend in May. And tickets to the NO Jazz Festival would be a perfect compliment to the airline tickets. [A group of you might want to coordinate on these presents]

~Also, my all time favorite wedding photographer, Jose Villa, has a book coming out. He's such an amazing (film!) photographer and I would love to have his book... for inspiration. It can be pre-ordered here.

~Oh and speaking of photographers... I'm a photographer! And this Kelly Moore bag is the perfect present for a photographer like me.

~And of course, pretty much anything from Urban Outfitters but especially any of their cameras, dresses or furniture from Anthropologie, Toms shoes... oh wait I got those for Valentine's Day! hehee

All stuff I WANT and absolutely nothing I need. That's why they're called wishes.

And FYI, Alaska Airlines and Victoria's Secret already sent me birthday presents so all y'all are already two steps behind. CHOP CHOP!

And no, I don't actually expect any presents. At all. You're friendship is enough! This is really more a list to remind me of what presents I will get myself when I have a little extra cash. So you can stop with the judgy face. XO


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