Maybe if he wasn't such a hard worker. Maybe if he would stop doing his best at whatever job was asked of him. Maybe if he wasn't so qualified. Maybe if he would just stop being the kind of man that other men respect and like and want to work with. Maybe if he wasn't so funny and fun to be around all the time. Maybe if he wasn't such good cook! Maybe then, maybe he wouldn't be sent off-base to all these jobs all across the country and world. Maybe then he wouldn't be so successful and in-demand and all the bosses would stop asking him to stay on for more work and he could just stay in little 'ol Bremerton and never have to leave me. *sigh*

But then... he wouldn't be the man that I love so much. Darn it. :-) I'm so proud of Josh and I feel so lucky, I mean, SO LUCKY! to have such a hardworking, absolutely amazing man as my boyfriend and I'm glad he's getting these awesome opportunities to travel with work and that his work ethic is noticed and appreciated by his superiors... but you can bet that I am counting down the days until they send him home and I can get back into those arms of his.

I don't care how long it takes, just get back to me Baby. XO


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