Love Actually

So my Valentine's day post was a little premature because it turns out that an awesome pair of burlap Toms shoes was not the end of my presents...

I also got a GORGEOUS bouquet of roses (mixed with another flower that I do not know the name of). I totally was NOT expecting flowers, hello! I already had shoes! But I couldn't help but grin and giggle when I saw these on the porch.
*sigh* There's just something about flowers that gets me, I'm not sure why. But I like it.

So then, yesterday, NOT Valentine's Day, as I was still basking in the awesomeness of my February 14th... I found another package waiting for me at home. Look!
CHOCOLATES!!! I've never gotten chocolates as a gift before. And let me tell you it's awesome! And oh so delicious. Especially these salted carmel's from Fran's Chocolates, which is actually located here in Seattle. I highly recommend them.

On top of all this goodness, I also found out that Josh will NOT be coming home on Friday as planned and will actually be staying in New Hampshire until March. 11th. That's next month for you people without calenders. UGH! Let's just say it's a good thing he sent the chocolates...


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