In exactly one month, on March 22nd, I will be 25 years old. TWENTY-FIVE-YEARS-OLD! Holy adulthood batman! I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda totally freaking out. I believe I might even be feeling a quarter-life crisis coming on. As I try to prepare myself to face my twenty-fifth birthday, I have been taking stock of who I am these days... and I have to say, I seem to be rather grown-up. Which is pretty shocking, considering the fact that I still think of myself as 16, 12, 10. Here is the evidence that indeed, I am getting old growing up.

[1] I went grocery shopping by myself and bought celery. With every intention of actually eating it.

[2] I don't shop in the junior section anymore. And very rarely even look.

[3] I feel the need to exercise. You know, to keep up my health.

[4] When I hold little babies, my womb flutters. There is in NO way ANY babies in my future (except for the ones I babysit) but darn it, if I don't hear the clock ticking whenever I hold a sweet little babe in my arms.

[5] I have more monthly bills then I know what to do with. This is probably my LEAST favorite thing about being an adult. Oh how I long for the days of no responsibilities beyond homework and water polo practice.

[6] I prefer home-cooked meals over fast-food. And I take particular pride in the fact that I can actually cook my OWN meals!

[7] I actually catch myself rolling my eyes at "the things kids wear these days". Yes, sometimes I'm really 85-years-old.

[8] My boyfriend is 25. I think it's weird that I'm dating someone so old... until I realize he's only 6 months older then I!
i miss him. :-(

[9] I look forward to meeting (church). And when I look at the clock during meeting, I find myself wishing to slow it down instead of speeding it up (as I wished when I was younger). But then again, this might be a sign of spiritual maturity of late, not necessarily a sign of my age. :)

Okay, so I can only think of 9 reason right now, but that's because I'm tired and it's almost my bed time. Oh wait, there's number 10! I MUST get my 8 hours sleep otherwise I'm a exhausted, grumpy, and worthless.

Yes, I'm not too excited to be a quarter-of-a-century old but I do have to say that I'm okay with being an adult. For the most part. I'll keep playing scrabble on my iPhone though... you know, to help keep my mind sharp. ;-)


  1. Isn't growing up awesome? Even if it means we have to be 85 when we look at the things kids are wearing these days... ;)


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