The Figarelles | Bremerton Family Photos

On Sunday I had some fun taking family photos of the Figarelle family, down by the ferry. Ha! Say that ten times fast! :-D Kyle and Sharman are dear friends of mine from meeting (church) and I was so excited to get to meet Kyle's family when they came and visited this last weekend. I got to visit with them, play some games (I still think I technically won Crowns!) and did a quick family session in between their Seattle sightseeing trips. I don't think the guys were too excited about the idea of having their pictures taken but I'm glad the women encouraged them because look how great the photos turned out!

Dennis and Betty, he's hilarious and she's so sweet.

Kyle and Sharman, probably two of absolute, most genuinely nice people that I know.

Kristi is Kyle's beautiful sister and Brady is her husband who beat me at crown by only 7 points, due to the fact that Sharman helped him!!! No, I'm not bitter. ;-)

I find this picture hilarious. While I was taking pictures of the parents, the "kids" (who are all in their 20's mind you) took the opportunity to go play on the structure behind. Love it!

This photo was set up by Dennis. I have to give credit where credit is due! Dennis, the ferry actually doesn't look THAT bad in the background...

...but I still think this angle is just a little better. :-)

This one has to be my favorite!

Dennis, Betty, Kristi, and Brady, Thanks for visiting me Kyle and Sharman so that I could get my hand broken playing spoons... and take your pictures! :-D Come back soon!


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