Celebration! Tigard Family Photos

On Friday the Csergei family surprised Jack with a party to celebrate his retirement for the United States Postal Service AND the news that he is newly cancer free! I was so happy to be at the festivities as a guest, since Jack is my best friend's dad and has been such a great friend to me over the years. The Csergei's are not just any 'ol family, but the family that lets me be a part of their family because that's just the loving, caring, supportive kind of people they are. It was so awesome to see Jack celebrating such great victories in his life!

And since his son, Chris, who lives in California, was able to make it up for the party, they also asked me to bring my camera along and snap some family photos!

Seriously, how cute are they?! This is the "classic Csergei pose".


I love this family. Congratulations again Jack! I'm so glad you're cancer free and I hope you're enjoying your retirement... I recommend playing Scrabble if you happen to get bored. :-)


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