Baby Steps

So... I cut up my credit cards today. Three of them. The ones that I was holding on to "in case of emergencies". Well... for some reason, I seemed to be having a lot of "emergencies"... at Macy's of all places! Can you believe it?!

So, in preparation for my 25th birthday next month, I am taking steps, (albeit it, small, little, baby steps) towards being truly adult in the ways that I wish to be ADULT. And one of my greatest wishes as a true adult? To be debt... and "emergency" free. I already feel slightly stranded, knowing that I don't have the crutches of credit cards there for me, in case I need new tires for the car, or if I need to rent a lens for a shoot, or if I happen to find an incredible pair of shoes on sale in just my size! But it's good. I also feel lighter. And more responsible. More... adult. :-D

Here's to more steps. Cheers!


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