So I have been trying to blog every weekday. Obviously, yesterday, I did not. That's because my day started at 6am and didn't end until midnight.

I got to start my day by being with adorable twins as they woke up. Then by 9 I was at a different house, hanging out with a cuddly, chubby baby and another sweet 2-year-old. By 1:30 I was back home to have lunch with the workers. Then I was off, running over to the boyfriend's apartment to make sure dinner was going well in the crockpot. After shredding the pork, it was out the door, rushing to the other side of town to meet my friend for pedicures. Aaaaah, relaxation. Then we were back at Josh's... dinner with friends then a competitive game of Taboo (which my team lost in the tie-breaker because of the word "STOOL PIGEON" what?!!?).

So no, I didn't blog yesterday, life got in the way. And although I really want to be consistent on this here thing, I refuse to let my blog get in the way of life. Because I love my life. <3


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