Happy New Year!

2010 was, hands down, the happiest year of my life. Period. And for no other reason then, I was simply HAPPY. I don't feel like I can do a big end-of-the-year post and reflect on everything that has happened because I've pretty much been reflecting all year long. Back in Janurary I reflected on the year 2009 and all the amazing things that happened for me then. March and my 24th birthday rolled around, and I still couldn't get that smile off my face. At the end of March, my Grammy passed on and although it was the hardest thing I faced in 2010, it wasn't all sad because I knew it was time for her to go. I still miss you every day Grammy. I had a lot of exciting travels last year, from New York to Peru, and even got to go to California and Hawaii for "work"! I faced some growing up and letting go when it came to the holidays but through it all, I have been filled with such contentment and peace, that not even a couple of bad days could ruin my love of life. Because really, I honestly have THE. BEST. LIFE.

2010, you weren't exactly what I thought you would be, but you were better than I could have hoped for in a lot of ways. Thanks for being my best year ever, I think you helped me grow a lot; as a photographer, as a person, and as a child of God. I wouldn't hold your breathe though, I think 2011 is going to top you... but no matter what happens, I'm glad to have known you. Goodbye Twothousandten. HELLLLOOOOOOOOO Twenty-eleven! :-D

Me and my love, New Year's Eve, bundled up for a midnight stroll.


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