Fabulous Fall Fashion with Friends

Say THAT ten times fast. :)

So it's been said that "you are who you surround yourself with" and if that's true... I have to say, again as I've said before... then I must be pretty awesome. And no, that not a compliment to myself, it's a compliment to all my AMAZINGLY AWESOME friends. Here, let me introduce you to a couple.

This is Kelsey. You've met her before. She's so amazingly beautiful and big hearted. Right now she is working on creating a much needed program to help adults with special needs. Read more about her dream here, and please, if you can, help support her cause.

This lovely lady is Meghan. She has her own blog here that you can read if you want to get to know her better. She's pretty fantastic and amazing and I can't imagine trying to be gluten free like she is... if you are gf too, be sure to check out her yummy recipes!

And this, this is Nicole. She is probably the single nicest person in the entire world. Really. Everybody loves her... it's so annoying. :) She's gonna be a big 'ol fancy event planner one day, trust me.

I love these girls:

Thanks to my amazing photographer boyfriend, I got to be in a couple of the photos too! :) Thanks Babe!

My friends are gorgeous, yes? I know. And they all have the most beautiful hearts. I've been friends with these ladies for yeeeeeaaaaaarsssss and I am so incredibly thankful that I have such good friends who are good people, who have morals and faith, who are kind, encouraging, strong, and sweet. Each one of them have made me a better person. Ladies, thank you!

All the jewelery from our fun little photoshoot was courtesy of another one of my ultra talented friends, Rachel Roelke. I've only known her a couple of years but I know she's gonna be a friend for life. She is so amazingly supportive and awesome, I truly feel that my life is blessed to have her in it. Check out her etsy store here!

Seriously, Rachel is TAL.EN.TED. Go buy her stuff. :)

And before my sister has a conniption fit, let me mention that all headpieces were made by my crazy-talented sister Mari. Love you! :-)

Seriously, this photoshoot was so much fun. Mostly because, it was JUST FOR FUN! That makes sense yah? And it was just another reminder of how truly awesome my friends are.


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