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When Loree first contacted me about doing family portraits around Christmas time, since all the family was in town, I thought she meant all her family... as in her two sons and their wives. Well, she mostly meant them... but then she said their would be grandparents and EVERYBODY. Oh. Okay! Again, I assumed it would be everybody that was directly related to HER. Wrong again! It was her family, and then her son's wives' families. Does that make sense? I was super confused as to who was connected to who and what exactly was going on in this family at first. But then it clicked... and I couldn't help but smile. How awesome is it that Loree and her (immediate) family, consider not only their family but their daughter-in-law's families to be apart of THEIR family! So much in fact, that she wanted to do a big family picture with all the families. You know, since EVERYBODY was in town? I love it! That is what family is all about.

This is everybody.

This is Loree and Keith. Sweetest people EVER.

This is Loree and Keith and their sons.

Loree, Keith, sons, and wives. :)

The handsome sons with their beautiful wives.

David with his wife's family.

Matt with his wife's family.

Matt and wife.

Matt's wife's sister and husband.

Matt's wife's sister's husband's family? Is that right? Did I loose anybody? :)

And let's not forget about the grandparents!

All in all, it was a fantastic shoot, despite not being able to take all the photos outdoors like originally planned. I think we rocked it out, in Sherwood high school no less! Loree, Keith... and EVERYBODY... thank you for having me out to Sherwood to take your family photo, and for showing me what family can be. :)


  1. Good job Bethany, keeping them all straight! And great job on the photos.

  2. Family has NO boundaries. True. Love.

  3. Bethany, I adore you and got it all right! Much Love...


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