Project 2011

So... I'm not one for "resolutions", never been good with em, but I did decided to do a project this year that requires the same amount of resoluting. What? That's not a word? Pffft. Anyway... this year, I'm taking a picture everyday, at 7pm, of me and Josh, wherever we are. Like this from the other night when we were at Starbucks.

Then at the end of the year, we'll have a photo journal of sorts, documenting our year! Every. Day. I got the idea on New Year's Eve when I was looking through my iPhone photos, and had just a few photos from each month, enough to go "Ooooh man! Remember that?!" but knew there were gaps missing. So I just thought it would be so cool to have photo proof from every single day, saying "This is where you were, this is what you were doing, this is who you were with."

It's a good idea, I'm excited about it. No really, I am. I just hope I can follow through because the end result will be amazing. The iPhone alarm is set to "everyday" at 7pm so that should help. I hope.


  1. This is awesome! Good luck! How cool will that be at the end of the year? 365 unique moments, locations, and emotions. Have fun!


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