Second Best Present Ever! :-D

I have this thing about bananas. Especially bruised bananas. I HATE bruised bananas. I love bananas, but absolutely positively HATE bruised bananas. Every time my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping and get bananas, I'm constantly checking to see where the bananas are in the cart, to make sure that other groceries haven't fallen on them. And then when we load the groceries into the car, my poor boyfriend has to hear my shrill "DON'T BRUISE THE BANANAS!" as he places the bags into the trunk. It's all very stressful... for the both of us.

So imagine my delight on Christmas morning, as I dig into my stocking and find this handy little contraption:

A banana holder! So that when I take a banana for lunch, I no longer have to worry about it getting all smooshed and bruised! AMAZING. I know it's ridiculous, but I am so freaking excited. (Now I just need to get about 5 more so that I can pack the bananas into them at the store as soon as we buy them! heehehee) The best part about the whole thing? Josh saw it on a "10 worst Christmas Presents to Give" list... but he got it for me anyway! If that's not proof of how well he know me, I don't know what is! :) :) :)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and got to enjoy time with family and friends! Blessed be.


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