A Peruvian Zoo In My Stomach.

Friday in Peru:

After an educational visit to El Museo de la Nacion, we had the most AMAZING lunch at a charming little restaurant that a friend had recommended to my brother.

On the menu were the most interesting choices, among them: alpaca and.... Guinea Pig?!!

Noah, I dedicate this photo to you because all I could think was "Ace Ventura saves a ga-ween-na pig! hahahaha!

I'm proud to say that I tried everything that we ordered... and we ordered a lot, so much that the waiter laughed at us. :) But I'm glad we did, it was all SO GOOD! Muy delicioso indeed! While we were eating, Brad texted one of his friends, telling her what all we were eating: alpaca (delicious), guinea pig (also delicious but I could only eat one bite because I couldn't get the movie "G-Force" out of my head), steak, trout, chicken. Her response? "You have a Peruvian zoo in your stomach!" Ha! There were also about ten different types of potato dishes, apparently there are about 5,000 different types of potatoes in the world and Peru has 3,000 of them! They serve potatoes with everything, cooked differently every time too!

Trying INCA KOLA for the first time! It tastes a lot like Jones Soda bubblegum flavor... so sweet and delicious. Josh, you would love it. :)

I didn't manage to get very many pictures of the food before it was devoured, but here was a very tasty appetizer that Mari ordered... some sort of warm chicken salad with veggies with artichoke. Again... SO GOOD!

And of course, we had to try dessert:

The rest of the day was spent walking off all the calories we consumed! :)


  1. Wow Bethany! These pictures are so great - it looks like a professional took them! It makes us want to be there - thanks for sharing! When Finn saw your pic of you drinking your Kola, he says, "Mama, Mama, ByKway!" I think he was saying your name! I had to go back to that picture several times for him!


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