A Holiday Card

I live in Washington, grew up in Oregon. I moved here to Washington to be closer to Josh and to give our relationship a better chance of succeeding. Up here in Washington, I don't have family in the immediate area and all the friends that I have are friends I met through Joshua. We spend most of our time at his apartment, which he shares with three 18-year-old boys. They probably get sick of me but they thankfully they don't complain too much (at least not that I know of!). I think my dish-washing and dinner-making might help with that. :) I consider them friends, sometimes they feel like little brothers, but either way, they have become my Washington family. I love them, feel protective of them, enjoy hanging out with them, and I happily get lumped in with them when people invite "the Hawaiians" to do something. If I'm going to get lumped in with anybody, I'm glad it's them! We like to refer to ourselves as the "Rejoicers", which is a combination of three of the last names... we haven't figured out how to add in Mana's last name so he just gets to change his completely! Haha!

So here, from my "family"...

(We'll have to take a new family photo when the other boy comes back from his Christmas in Hawaii... miss you Mana!) Oh and, photo credit goes to one of Kiefer's brothers... can't remember if it was Blake or Mitch. Either way, THANKS! :)


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