For my Lisa Sue:

Something to add to my bucket list? Spend a birthday in a foreign country. Kinda like how my mom did today. For her 50th.

¡Feliz cumpleaños Mama!

We spent Mom's birthday weekend in a small tiny village, up in the mountains of Peru, about 4 hours outside of Lima. (* side-note* Three of those hours were spent on a terrifying mountain "road" which will be another post entirely... but let's just say it was no bueno for my anxiety.) We went with three of my brothers friends: Saul, Rocio, and Alex; to host a "Chocolatada" for the villages children. Essentially, we served delicious hot chocolate and handed out small gifts... it was amazing and a perfect way to spend Mom's birthday, as the ONE thing she wanted to do in Peru was some sort of a volunteer project. My favorite part was when, before we started serving the chocolate and all the kids were waiting, Saul had them sing happy birthday to Mom. It was priceless! Here's Mom's reaction:

Seriously, how cute is my mom?!

I have about a gajillion photos to edit, mostly of adorable Peruvian children, and lots things to blog about (the ocean, Paracas, Ica, the desert, and oasis, sandboarding, bus rides, van rides, mountain villages... the list goes on) but I am so exhausted that all I want to do is crawl into bed... after I wish my AMAZING mother, one last HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Mom, I can only hope that I'm in as good of shape as you by the time I'm 50. Happy half-of-century Mama, I love you. :)


  1. This post made me smile a huge smile! so lovely!!


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