Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

9 HOURS! I ONLY HAVE 9 HOURS! 9 HOURS UNTIL MY FLIGHT LEAVES! Seattle --> Los Angeles --> Housten --> LIMA, PERU! I'm going to be gone for two weeks, staying at my brother's house, lounging by his pool, Azteca cola in hand, soaking up some summer sun when I'm not out discovering and exploring by brother's adopted home. Mom and I are flying together, we meet up with Mari and Brian in Housten, and arrive in Peru around 11pm, central time.

Okay, since I started this post, I got distracted by Mom showing up and finally ACTUALLY packing. 7 HOURS PEOPLE. T-MINUS 7 HOURS!!!!

Nap time. Then, Peru, I'm coming for you.

There's a pic of my super cool new camera bag that I got from the reward certificates from buying my new camera. Thanks Best Buy!
And there's how I was packed until about an hour ago! :) Yikes! Sorry Brad, I can't bring the ping-pong table with me.


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