The Other Girl

So my beloved boyfriend, Joshua, has another girl in his life. He's bought her a ton of presents and has been spending quite a bit of time with her, mostly in the evenings. I want to be mad at her for stealing his time and attention but I just can't find the resentment in me because I am so excited for where this could lead... just imagine the sweet photoshoots I can have with a fully restored 1972 VW Squareback as a prop! :) Some of the "presents" that Josh has purchased for his project, such as the the shop light, have already come in handy. What is a shop light to my man, is a studio light to me! Josh has pretty much realized that he can buy whatever he wants and I'll be fine with it... as long as I can also use it for photography! It's a win-win don't you think? :)

Hopefully I'll be able to update the blog pretty frequently as the car's restoration progresses, and I'm already imaging a sweet time-lapse video of it when it's done! Josh has been learning a ton about VW's and has been very patiently teaching me about how the engine and mechanical stuff all works as I pester him with questions about what he's doing. :) It's been a very educational experience and I feel about 27 points cooler because I now know what it means when someone says it's a "6 cylinder engine"! Oh you want me to explain to you what that means and how they work? I TOTALLY CAN! Thanks to Josh. :)


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