Meet Jack | Belfair Family Photo Session

Meet Bob. He's one of the funniest kids I've ever met.

Bob likes to play football. No, scratch that, he LOVES football.

He especially loves football when he gets to play with his dad, Dan.

I'm sure that Bob will one day teach his new little brother, Jack, the joys of football as his dad has taught him.

Meet the Sims. Pretty much one of my most favorite families ever.

Cathie is the wrangler of all these men and she does a phenomenal job. If you're not friends with her on facebook, you should be, just to read her hilarious status updates about the perils of raising two boys. Things like: "Lets recap the day. I've been puked on, peed on and pooped on. I've had an entire pile of clean laundry get peed on. I've rocked, swaddled, read to, tucked in, fed, fed, fed and bathed Jack. I've listened to crying, whining, complaining and hissy fits (Bob's got strep), given tylenol, snuggles, gatorade. I've heard, "can I have a papertowel, I spilled my fruit punch gatorade on your laptop and and mp3 player"."

Here's another one of my favorite updates from Cathie: "Just so you know, it's not possible to stay mad at someone who weighs 8 lbs and pushes so hard to poop it makes his eyes cross. Even when he cries for hours and hours and hours. Straight. Nonstop. Constant. Maybe you don't quite understand. It's a lot of crying. By the way, I get to punch the first person who says, anything about the joys of motherhood or it gets better. In the face. Hard." I personally think Cathie should write a blog of her own with all the little stories of her men.

For all the funny stories about poop, pee, and puke, there's a million more of love, kisses, and family. Look. You can see it all right there.

Jack, you're one lucky little boy to be surrounded by so much love. I hope that you grow up to be as kind and hard-working as your father, as loving and full of laughter as your mother, and as sweet and caring as your big brother. I look forward to hearing your mom's stories of you as you grow up! :)


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