Kelsey & Trevor | Newberg Family Photos

You know Kelsey, she's one of my best friends. And her husband Trevor, he's her best friend. As it should be. I love them both dearly and just couldn't say YES fast enough when they asked for pictures. Their dog Cali, on the other hand... I don't love quite as much. But she's growing on me... when she's not jumping on me! :)

One of the benefits of working with the same couple over and over again is that they get more comfortable in front of the camera every time, more comfortable in working with me, the photographer, and they get better at interpreting my sign language when I say "Turn your body this way" and then flail my hands around as if to show them what I'm talking about. I mean seriously, just look at their photos from the vintage portion of the shoot (as seen on my Veteran's Day post), just LOOK! Did somebody say model status...?

My little photographer's heart was all a-flutter when I saw this:


Kelsey and Trevor, I will gladly take your pictures ANYTIME. I love you guys!


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